OVERVIEW: On this tour, you will go to the nearby beautiful complex of Tipon, full of agricultural terraces, long stairs, and stone canals. The terraces and aqueducts were built over 500 years ago by the Incas and are still used today for agricultural purposes. After Tipon, you will visit the pre-Inca archeological site of Piquillacta, the epicenter of the Wari culture, who dominated a large part of Peru before being absorbed by the Incan Empire. Lastly, you will visit the colonial church of Andahuaylillas of San Pedro, built in the 17th century.

It is decorated with polychrome ceilings, numerous paintings from the Cusco school, a majestic organ, and intricate silverwork and alters. From here, you will return back to your hotel in Cusco.
ITINERARY: 8:30 a.m.

  • Pick up from your hotel to the Port of Puno.


    After a 30- minute bus ride, we will arrive to our first destination, Tipon. Here we will have a guided hour- long tour, exploring the archeological wonders of the Incan culture. Afterwards, we will make our way to Piquillacta.


    Later, we will arrive to Piquillacta, the epicenter of the Wari culture. Here we will have a guided tour of this interesting archeological site.


    We then enter and discover the ornate church of Andahuaylillas, built in the beginning 17th century. With its spectacular decorations and intricate silver and gold works, we will have an informative guided tour to learn the history of this hidden church.

    02:00 p.m.

    We arrive back to Cusco.